Anglo-American Maritime Clothing, 1680-1740, Crowdfunding a Research Trip


The British Sailor’s Loyal Toast, 1738

Many people in the academic and living history communities know me by my expertise in clothing worn by common sailors and pirates in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.  I gained this knowledge from years of research that eventually became a Master’s thesis I wrote in 2015 for the Graduate Program in Maritime Studies at East Carolina University. Now, I wish to bring that to publication, but before this I want to provide my readers with the best information I can provide.  This will require a trip to the National Archives in London.  To make this trip requires funding that I could not raise before while attending University.  To fund the project, I’ve created a crowdfunding project with its own GoFundMe page. There are many more details regarding this project on the page itself, linked below:

Here is a short video I made to go with the project:

If you are interested in seeing the publication of my work on maritime clothing, including a long chapter regarding the attire of pirates in this era, please contribute what you can to the project before Christmas, December 25, 2016.  If you know anyone who might find this project of interest, please send them a link to this post or to the GoFundMe project itself.

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