About the Author

David G. Fictum, Historian and Researcher


I am a historian of the Atlantic World in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, with specialties in Maritime History and Pirate History.  I also cover the history of the colonies in this period and the Atlantic slave trade.  I received my academic training in history through Gettysburg College and the Graduate Program in Maritime Studies at East Carolina University.

My primary goals in my history pursuits is to advance the historical knowledge of history and to assure as much of this information reaches a wider and more public audience that includes more than academia.


During my time as a student in academia, I received significant experience in research and processing of historical data and information. This research and information process varied from coordinating data gathered from nineteenth-century census records to collecting together primary sources concerning the Tuscarora conflict of the 1710s for a publication commemorating its 300th anniversary.  My efforts always strive to dig as deep as possible into the resources available and to present as detailed a picture as the data will allow.

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