About this Blog

The “Colonies, Ships, and Pirates” blog, established June 27, 2015, is brought to you by academically trained historian David Fictum and is dedicated to covering news and information concerning the history of the Atlantic World from roughly 1680 to 1740, with a concentration on, but not limited to, history related to pirates and maritime matters.

While it’s coverage is limited to a small period of sixty years, the 1680-1740 period offers a variety of intriguing insights into history, especially in maritime related topics. The general public encounters this era usually through the history of piracy.  It is the goal of this blog to highlight aspects of this era’s history both within pirate history and beyond historical piracy.  While academic history findings will be highlighted here, there will also be discussions of the public perception of this era.

Below is a list of several topics that can be found on this blog:

  • The Golden Age of Piracy & The Pirate in the Public Mind
  • Ships
  • Anglo-American Sailors of the Atlantic World
  • Maritime Attire
  • The Struggles of the Carolinas, including the Tuscarora Conflict of 1711-1715
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Maritime Arms and Combat

This blog includes a variety of posts, from reviews of books to podcasts discussing specific historical subjects, all in an effort to bring history of this era to both the general public and academic-minded audiences.

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